About Hearing Aids

IICHearing aids serve different purposes and needs. The goal of most hearing aid fittings is to make more speech sounds available to the listener. However, simply making sounds louder does not accomplish the goal.  In 2016  NuEar Starkey released it's quad core twin compressor technogy, and the first to provide supreme precision for audibility and the ultimate optimization for listening enjoyment. 

Speech Shift, a new technology developed to restore the audibility of high-frequency speech cues by recreating them lower in frequecny in real time. 

In general, there are 5 basic styles of hearing aids... Behind the Ear (BTE), Receiver in Canal (RIC), In the Ear (ITE), In the Canal (ITC), Completely in the Canal (CIC) and now an Invisible In the Canal (IIC).  There are variations on the four basic styles. Dr. Reese will work with you to help you decide on the best style for you, based on your needs and desires.

DIGITAL technology is the most sophisticated hearing aid technology. Digital technology gives the audiologist maximum control over sound quality and sound processing characteristics. There is qualitative and quantitative evidence that digital instruments outperform analog hearing aids. Digitals are not perfect, but they are extremely good -- However, not all digital hearing aids are the same! Within the "digital" world, there are better and lesser units.  Dr. Reese is an expert at programming hearing aid technology to meet each patients individual needs.  Using advanced testing and fitting techniques ensures each pateint will hear to their potential.